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The Flavor Burst soft-serve system is a revolutionary add-on to your current soft-serve freezer. It allows you to add a variety of flavors to your soft-serve or yogurt freezer by striping concentrated flavorings inside and outside your finished product. The result is a fun, colorful product filled with great-tasting premium flavor! Attract kids and adults alike with a variety of delicious tastes.


  • Offer up to 8 flavors, with the ability to combine flavors in one serving for treats like Banana Split, Spumoni, Chocolate Mint, and more.
  • Choose from 37 different soft-serve flavorings, from classics like Chocolate and Strawberry, to more unique flavors like Pistachio, Birthday Cake and Butter Pecan.
  • Concentrated syrups are stored in 1-gallon ready-to-install bags, have a long shelf life and do not require refrigeration.
  • The Injector Assembly installs directly onto the spout, with many adapters available for a variety of freezers.
  • The sanitizer tank allows for simple clean-in-place sanitation of the spout, syrup lines, pumps, and bag connectors.

The “FB” systems are controlled by one compact-sized keypad, with eight numbers representing each flavor. The keypad also has controls for sanitizing the spout between servings, dispensing syrup without drawing product, adjusting dispense rates, setting serving sizes, and more.>

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